New Features of Ext JS 5:

Ext JS 5.x includes following new features:

Tablet Support and New Themes:

Ext JS 5 supports touch-screen based devices like tablets and touch-screen laptops (not mobile) with two new themes: Neptune Touch and Crisp.

Application Architecture - MVVM

Ext JS 5 supports new application architecture called MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel).

Data binding

Main advantage of MVVM is data binding using "bind" config, which automatically binds and updates the data between model and view.


Ext JS 5 introduced view specific controller called ViewController. The ViewController is directly associated with a view, which simplifies event handling and getting references of fields in the same view.


ViewModel provies the data for a specific view. It also notifies a view when the data changes.


ViewModel includes a config called formulas which allows us to calculate the value to display based on other data. It is similar to the convert function of Model in Ext JS 4.

Stores in ViewModel

ViewModel can define stores which can be used as a named object in a view.


Routing allows us to translate application's URL into controller and action methods.


responsiveConfig allows us to change the component's config property based on the device orientation, width, height, and platform.

Chained stores

Ext JS 5 introduced chained stores, which are linked to a source store that defines records. Chained store can apply filters, sorters or grouper that does not affect the source stores. Records changed in the source store affects the chained stores.

Session tracks records and manages CRUD operation of multiple models.

Custom field types

Ext JS 5 allows us to define custom field classes that can validate their values. This field class can be used as field type, so that you will not have to repeat validation rules on all your model classes.

Event System - Gestures

Ext JS 5 enables mouse inputs to be identified as gestures like tap, rotate and swipe, in order to support touch-screen devices.

The Sencha Core Package

This package contains the core code that is shared between Ext JS 5 and the next major release of Sencha Touch.

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